Kristin Boese


Born in Potsdam, East Germany on June 1st 1977 Kristin Boese grew up behind the the iron curtain. Being one of the best students in her school from year one Kristin soon showed interest for all different kind of sports and ended up playing semiprofessional handball (a very popular team sport in Europe) under a strict eastern German trainer for 12 years of her youth.

When the wall broke down Kristin saw the chance to break free and while she first started a commercial education in Berlin in 1997 she soon started to discover fun-sports to be her passion.

In 1998 she started both windsurfing and mountain-biking but as her love to the water was stronger Kristin attended a windsurf-instructor license course two years later and started working as a windsurf instructor in her summer holidays while studying at the university in Berlin.

In summer 2002 it happened that the first kiteboarder kited along the beach of the Windsurf Center Kristin used to work for and he caught her attention straight away. A few months later the girl had left the big city behind and was on her way to Fuerteventura/Spain to work at a kite and windsurf center and to learn how to kitesurf herself.

Since then her kite career has taken off. With the German Kitesurf Champion title in the following 2 years and a 4th place in the PKRA world ranking in 2003 the big success was close and while being Vice World Champion in 2004 Kristin claimed her first PKRA Freestyle World Champion title in 2005. Many titles in all different disciplines followed since.

Kristin has also brought kitesurfing to the masses with media presence in some bigger magazines and has published two instructional books and an instructional DVD about kitesurfing. In girls events Kristin has also motivated many female kiters and continues to do so.

A list of her titles reads as follows:

2005 PKRA Freestyle World Champion
2005 PKRA Wave-riding World Champion
2006 PKRA Freestyle World Champion
2006 PKRA Slider&Kicker World Champion
2007 PKRA Boarder-cross World Champion
2007 KPWT Overall World Champion
2007 KPWT Course Race World Champion
2007 KPWT Wave-riding World Champion
2008 KPWT Course-race World Champion
2009 IKA Course Race Champion

Biography in numbers:

Born in Potsdam/Germany on the 1st of June 1977

Professional career:

1997 A levels (Abitur)
1997 commercial education (D2-Vodafone)
2000 sales department (D2-Vodafone)
2001 matriculation University Berlin (journalism and communication)
2004 exmatrikulation University Berlin
2004 start of professional kitesurf career

Sportive career:

1986-99 competitive handball player
1998 started windsurfing
2000 Camel Trophy - national selections - Cabo Verde
2001 windsurf-teacher-license (VDWS)
2001 windsurf-teacher in Germany/Surf Center Wustrow
2001 assistant and surf-teacher on Fuerteventura/Pro Center Egli
2001 first kite experiences in October
2002 assistant and sail-repair on Fuerteventura/Pro Center Egli
2002 first kite surfing-competitions
2003 PKRA World Tour Ranking 4th place
2004 PKRA Freestyle Vize World Champion
2005 PKRA Freestyle and Wave World Champion
2006 PKRA Freestyle and Slider World Champion
2007 PKRA Boardercross World Champion
2007 KPWT World Champion Course Race, Waveriding and overall
2008 KPWT Course Race World Champion
2009 IKA Course Race Champion