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Kitesurfing in The Waves

By Kristin Boese & Christian Spreckels guest riders: Sky Solbach, Marc Ramseier

Bigger waves, longer rides and impressive tricks! Take your kitesurfing to the next level with this essential guide to waveriding.

“Waveriding brings a completely different aspect to the sport and we want to give these kiters that want to get into this discipline the possibility to learn faster, easier and safer with our tips and instructions.”   Kristin Boese

Hundreds of dramatic step-by-step action photographs take you into the surf and introduce basic tricks like the cut back and olly, before you move on to more advanced tricks like riding a barrel. Each trick is not only shown with breathtaking photography, but with the added bonus of expert advice on learning each trick.

Kitesurfing in the Waves includes:
•    Wind and waves
•    Choice of location
•    Safety
•    Tips on training
•    Starting and riding
•    Turning manoeuvres
•    Basics for kiting in the waves
•    Surfing basics

Kristin Boese currently has 8 world championship titles.  As well as competing in championships, Kristin has also brought kitesurfing to the masses, through instructional dvds, educating women into the sport though workshops and more.

Christian Spreckels is a sports scientist and fitness trainer with over 30 years combined experience in surfing and kitesurfing.

Available to buy August 2009, ISBN: 9780470746783

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Kiteboarding - the complete guide

Leap for your life and discover the thrills of kitesurfing

This unique book provides essential reading for kitesurfers of all stages. Written by athree times kitesurfing world champion, this book provides a training manual coveringthe basics as well as the mental and physical preperation needed for development.

- Illustrated with over 500 colour step by step photographs and sequence shots
- Guides you through your first attempts at kitesurfing all the way to your first handlepasses
- Chapters include weather, location, preparation and safety signals of the water
- More than 50 tricks covered in step by step detail

Kristin Boese is kitesurfing three time world champion, taking the Freestyle crown in 2005 and 2006 as well as the Overall crown in 2007. She is currently competing on the KPWT tour, following the wind and the waves in Fiji, Hawaii, Brazil, the US and Europe.

Available to buy: Mai 2008, 29.00 US$
ISBN: is9780470727911

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Orders from Europe and Africa
Orders from USA, Canada, South America
Orders from Australia, New Zealand